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Way to often do we get protagonists in anime that are fucken teenagers. Even the better anime’s out there all have characters that are pre-fucken-pubescent having only recently so much has grown hair around their fucken crotches. And they always get involved in shit no child should ever have to get involved in. And it’s often by the hand of adults.

While it’s not one of the dumbest clichés anime dose all of the fucken time. It’s still one of the many that dose get under my skin. I mean in what plausible logical scenario would an adult find it necessary to force a child to fight demons or kill terrorists. Or even go so far as to have them genetically altered and sent into a radiation infused wasteland. Logically that would earn them a fucken one-way ticket to fucken prison for child endangerment.

But then again anime is a Japanese phenomenon therefore it’s a different cultural mindset that’s powering these plots so there are no doubt going to be differing views on children. I get that. Back in the day The Japanese Imperial Army mobilized 14-year old for the Battle of Okinawa. And few hundred years before that they trained children since birth to become samurai and shit back in the fucken Azuchi–Momoyama periods. So, it makes sense that certain anime’s have plots like these. The whole ninja angle makes a lot of historical sense. That shit I get.

And before you dipshits blow your tops and say “aaah the Japanese are all child abusers” also try to understand that in the 1940’s the United Kingdom accepted kids into the Home Guard when it was formed. Plus, there was also the Spartans and the fucken El Salvador and the fucken Ukraine all of which were guilty of enlisting children to fight wars. And let’s sure as hell not forget about them powder monkeys on union vessels during our own little American Civil War.

So, it’s not just a fucken Asian phenomenon, okay. So shut the fuck up.

The issue I take with this trope in modern anime however is how stupidly overused it is. As well as how implausible theyare. I mean for modern day Japanese society that doesn’t think of a person as an adult until the age of 20, a lot of their most popular shows– not just animated per say – seem to feature minors in highly dangerous situations.

“But AMF! Anime’s target demographic is the younger lads!”

Yes, I know. 13 to I think 22 was considered the age range of most viewers in japan.  Don’t quote me on that though. But yeah, I get that! And if you want people to relate to characters then its logical to make them the same age as the character in question.

But it’s just that the implausibility of some of these scenarios are just so fucken farfetched that there asinine. Even by Japanese standards. Take Gunslinger Girl for example. It’s one the most notorious cases of this trope. It’s a story about underage girls who are rescued from various depressing circumstances by an Italian “Social Welfare Agency” some of which are very dark and depressing. But instead of patching them up and putting them into foster care or some shit it turns out the Agency is actually a front for a military organization specializing in counter-terrorism who then wipes the girl’s memories and gives them cybernetic implants and sends them off on missions kill terrorists.

And thankfully the reasoning as to why they don’t give adults these cybernetic implants instead is gone into. But the reasoning is still less then satisfactory.

And yeah sure, it’s a story not set in japan but its still a Japanese anime. And even then if you want to make that argument there’s still shit like fucken Coppelion, Ga-re: Zero, Blue Exorcist and fan favorite Neon Genesis Evangelion. Thousands of anime’s have done this and I see absolutely no end of them in sight. It’s just something that’s always nibbled on the under edge of my psyche as I watch these shows. And having these feeling you can probably understand the kind of attitude I had toward Shinji’s father. Got I hated him.

Bottom line though it’s one of most illogical and flat out over used clichés in the anime scene. Not nearly as annoying as the fucken tity trope of course don’t get me wrong. But it’s still annoying enough to always leave me rolling my eyes. That’s why anime’s with older protagonists are something I long for and can go a long way with me.

One of the reasons I fucken loved Tokyo Ghoul so much – along with many others – was because Kaneki was a fucken college student. Even though that’s far from the point of the show and we don’t even see him attend classes or anything like that. It’s just that the fact that in this sea of fucken overly redundant rehashed army of angsty teenage protagonists. Same goes with average sauce fucken moe shit like Kobiyashi’s Dragon Maid for example. It featured an actual working-class adult living independently, despite its cartoonish PG antics. And these anime’s prove very well that an anime can become popular even with an older protagonist at the helm.

But sadly – on average – no one really seems to take notice of that. But with the following anime we finally have a protagonist that’s new. Very fucken new. In more ways than one. Not only is the protagonist in the following anime an adult…. he’s a fucken old man. I mean seriously! Has there ever been an anime featuring someone above the age of 30 as the protagonist that has achieved a memorable status. If not then this anime is a god damn historical achievement on par with the fucken discovery of Penicillin.

And yes, that’s an exaggeration.

But the bottom line point I want to make is that this is the first protagonist of this kind that I’ve seen in my 20 long years of fandom. And to top it all off the source material is by Hiroya Oku the creator of Gantz.

Fucken A!

Gantz is by far my most favorite anime and manga to date. And even though the main cast suffers from the same exact flaw I’m bitching about – them being high schoolers and all – it’s still cool because in the story there mostly just fucken unfortunate victims of circumstance. Instead of adults just shoving them out in to danger saying “yeah go kill these people” they just find themselves in a horrific situation that they need to survive through. And very few manga’s have ever achieved for me what Gantz has. It had everything I could possibly want from any piece of fictional media really. Not just anime. It had blood, nudity, sex, rape, a fucken delightfully vulgar ass English dub as well as old ladies and children getting murdered. I fucken loved it all. Yes, the 2004 Anime by Gonzo had a shitty ass filler ending that left me absolutely fucken furious. But! That doesn’t offset the fact that the anime had everything that I could possibly ever ask for.

If you like vulgar ass shit I can’t recommend Gantz to you enough. Even if you’re not a fucken fan of anime I recommend it. It is the fucken shit! And it just really grinds my fucken gears that this isn’t what’s considered to be popular in Japan.

Not just Gantz per say. Because really pretty much everything about that manga can be considered controversial. I’m talking about just more serious and dramatic themed manga adaptations in general with realistically done characters without over extravagant facial expressions or personality quarks.

And really I just love controversial shit. Real talk. I read Kodomo no Jikan and my pedo ass fucken loved it. And I’m still waiting for a fucken adaptation of fucken Tokyo Akazukin. Seriously that shit would be the best day of my god damn life. But of course, thanks to that pesky Tokyo Youth Ordinance bill I doubt that its ever going to be a thing.

Because…. you know….












But if not that. Shit like fucken Until Death Do Us Part or fucken Eternal Sabbath even would work grate for me. But no! We’re just stuck with the same fucken angsty teen shit 80% of the fucken time because that’s the only thing these dumb ass Love Live otaku are buying. But, it’s like I always say: You have to wade through the fucken swamp in order to find the gems.

And it just makes it all the more satisfying when anime’s like the following graces us with their presence. But! Is the following anime the awesome adaptation that I’m making it out to be?

Well…yes and no.

I’m The Angry Misanthropist Freak and this is my review of Inuyashiki: Last Hero. Let do this shit.

I know I just got done hyping the fuck out of this anime but really it has its fair share of issues I’m not going to lie. But the sheer fact that the lead character here is a fucken old man makes this unbelievably unique.

The story here follows 50 something year old man Ichiro Inuyashiki. Which actually isn’t considered old by Japanese standards by the way. But given the way he looks he’s often mistaking for a much older guy. Shown clearly when his daughter gets all embarrassed when her friend infers that he’s her granddad. And daughter issues aren’t the only sad unfortunate thing about his life. We join him of course in a very sour moment in is life.

His family to which he provides for are a bunch of ungrateful pricks, he has back pain and to top it off the poor mother fucker is diagnosed with cancer by the most nonchalant doctor on earth.

But destiny be loving! While crying his heart out to his newfound best friend in an isolated mountain range he – along with a young high schoolers that was there too for some reason – is caught up in an alien crash-landing that kills them both. But instead of leaving and covering their tracks like a logical species. The alien beings decide to revive them by basically making them weaponized androids.

I know I just got done saying I’m one for plausibility and everything. And I stick by that so I’m going to tell you right now. This shit is fucken implausible. It’s literally one of those “being given super powers by random chance” kind of deal’s. I’ll let you make you’re own call about something like this. After all that’s how fucken Spider Man and a lot of the other Marvel and DC super heroes came to be. Random chance! But for me this plot point is really weak.

I mean an old dude with a shitty ungrateful family who’s diagnosed with cancer not even a fucken day after getting blown off by his daughter just so happens to suffer an emotional brake down at a specific moment in time and runs to – not just an isolated park – but one where another kid just so happens to be at the exact same moment a alien ship teleports on top of them??

I’m, sorry but that’s a plot convenience that is just way to convenient. And that’s not even the thing that’s really wrong with the plot. The real problem I had with this anime was the kid. Fucken Hiro Shishigami. He’s the anime’s primary antagonist as he decides to use his power for evil. But let me tell you, this fucken clown of character is the biggest fucken question mark character I’ve ever seen. And I know that’s saying a shit load. But for real. This kid left me scratching my fucken head. I mean there have been quite a few question mark kind of characters in the history of anime. I mean we have fucken Shounen Jump for Christ sake. But trust me when I say this mother fuckers’ motives are completely and utterly fucked.

This is the classic story of an Angel vs. a Devil kind of plot. Being the kind old soul he is, Inuyashiki takes to using this new-found robot power to protecting the innocent and heal the sick. All the while slicing up the occasional yakuza.

But Shishigami. My god. This freak of a fucken character.

The twists and turns this mother fucker takes throughout these 12 episodes are insane. This is the first character I’ve ever seen that bounces between good and evil several times pretty much on a freaken whim. Unlike a kind malevolent robot like Inuyashiki he instead decides to become a murderous psychopathic piece of shit and turns into a crazy serial killer. And his motives for going down this route are sort of gone into at certain point but there never concrete.

Throughout this anime I fucken hated him. And no, not just because he’s the fucken villain. But because throughout this entire anime’s plot I just didn’t understand Shishigami’s character. Like at all. You know how in a lot of anime’s we’re treated to a flashback or something explaining why an antagonist has a murder boner right?

Well…here we don’t get any of that.

And the anime just abruptly throws it into my face. I know Oku-sans style relies heavily on shock value.  Which is fine. It’s one of the reasons I love his work. And it’s been proven that shock value sells. I mean just look at the money all of the fucken Texas Chainsaw movies have raked in for proof of that. But here in the anime and manga – and the Chainsaw Movies too now that I think about it – it gives us simple shock value with Shishigami’s character without any context.

We’re at first given a pure hearted looking nice guy who laughs and hangs out with friends and literally fucken defends bully victim Naoyuki Ando like a good person. But at the end of the episode he fucken  picks out a house entirely at random and then precedes to murder them all in the most straight forwardly cruel ass fashion you could possibly imagine.

Kudos to Oku-san for the grate out of nowhere shock value plot twist. But at this point the flaws with the entire cast – not just Shishigami but with almost everyone else in general – became extremely apparent.  I don’t get any context once so freaken ever as to why Shishigami’s a murderous phycho anywhere here. No flash back, no traumatizing past that I can see. No nothing.

And he’s horrifically cruel while at the same time being matter a fact and chill about it. I mean during his first killing spree Shishigami emotionally and mentally tortures a high school girl for several moments while talking about One Piece…Yeah! Fucken One Piece.

This is some fucken straight up Michal Myers shit. And what this plot wants you to buy  is that he’s somehow fucken physiologically unsound about his humanity after getting turned into a robot so he has to  validate it by slaughtering innocent families. I guess that’s what they were going for at least. But it was just straight up fucken nonsensical. One could argue that that’s the point, ya know. Getting into the physiological aspect of a killer’s mind and all that can be what makes this so intriguing. And honestly when you think of it that way. There is some level of merit to that mindset here. I mean not even I would know how I would react to my head opening up like Inuyashiki’s did. The physiological toll that would have on me would no doubt make me desensitized of my one’s own humanity. But even if you can argue away Shishigami’s physiological state and justify it to the plot. There’s also his stupidity and bipolar disorder.

Later when he’s found out and gets his mother and his loved ones involved he fucken cries like a little fucken bitch about it. Like he didn’t know that prancing into people’s homes and Texan hold em finger shooting them wasn’t going to make the news and that he could just go to school like a normal little kiddy. I couldn’t help but hate his character portrayal for this. He honestly thought he could do this without getting his family involved and cries like a little bitch and gets pissed off at the entire nation of japan when they retaliate.

And he’s not the only character who pissed me off. Oh no Mr. Cool aid man oh no.

Enter Shishigami’s classmate Shion Watanabe who latter learns of his exploits but doesn’t give a shit. Why? …. Because she fucking loves him.

Succumbing to the mental illness called love is one thing. But loving someone who you know is not only a cyborg but also a murderous psychopath will really leave people questioning your sanity. It’s one of those weird “love despite bloodshed” kind of deals anime likes to pop on with now and then. And of course, it’s her love for him that eventually makes him convert to a better path…. for a few episodes. Then he goes right back to murdering people by the hundreds for pretty much the same reasons as the previous. She got involved and she suffered for it. So, he goes right back to his fucken conquest of slaughter.

Honestly the only other character here that makes sense – aside from Inuyashiki – is Naoyuki who tells Shishigami off and later joins forces with Inuyashiki to fight him. There are just so many things about these characters that just doesn’t sit well with me. It’s the first time I’ve gotten a murderous psychopath with very little coherent contexts to their motives. I’m not saying every anime has to pull off a fucken Elfin Lied and devote several episodes to a character’s inner turmoil. No not that.

I’m simply saying give them a good solid reason as to why there killing people. Good well defined, well flushed out characters do things for a good well defined well flushed reason. Good or evil. I’m all for killing! Yay for killing! Killings awesome! Killings fun! But kill with a fucken purpose. You always have to kill with a god damn purpose. Does the KKK burn black people just because they can? No, the KKK burn black people because their religious idiots who approve of slavery because the fucken bible tells them it’s okay. You know. There has to be a fucken motive!

I know I sound like I might be pushing my own ideals of what makes a good antagonist into your face. But can you imagine what it would be like if this became a theme with most antagonists. Could you be able to accept shit like the Green Goblin killing people because he wants to feel human. Or fucken Ra’s Al Ghul killing people just because he wants to feel human. Or fucken Lex Luthor killing people simply because he wants to feel human. It’s just a really fucken lame ass motivation that I can not in any way get behind.

But! As for everything else about this anime…. I fucken love it.

Everything else about this anime is top notch. I love sex and violence in copies amounts. And while its clear Gantz has a lot more of it. This has its fair share too. There are certain stand-alone episodes here that go into Inuyashiki’s fight against the criminal underworld including saving a woman from the aforementioned crazy bisexual Yakuza. And shit like that’s no doubt the biggest positive of this entire anime. The sheer badass’ness of this entire scenario.

I will say while Inuyashiki is given a shit load of awesome robot powers such as the ability to hear screaming voices from grant distances, fly at supersonic speeds and the iconic super strength. There’s kind of a sense of wasted potential to his character when you find out that most of the big time fights and action scenes here are when he’s knocked unconscious and the cyborg body actually takes over and dose the fighting for him. His body is mostly fighting on autopilot ninety-percent of the time. And I’ll admit I was a little turned off by Inuyashiki’s non-chalant’ness of this entire thing.

But these are all minor concerns and nitpicks that really don’t hold a candle to the amount of shit that this anime dose right. Such as the comedy factor for example. This anime doesn’t deliberately try to be funny at all but there were a few moments that legitimately made me giggle. Since his new robot powers are a total mystery to him at firs he  as too pretty much learn as he goes. And that made for some of the anime’s more lighthearted scenes. I mean the part where he was teaching himself how to fly was fucken hilarious.

As for the animation here, this is by studio MAPPA who’s brought us shit like 2014’s Terror in Resonance, Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler and the fucken Garo series, so I knew right form the beginning that this was going to be something special. It’s outstanding accept for some minor pet peeves I have. One of em is with glossy effects on lips. And this anime has a lot of that. But that actually can be attributed to Hiroya Oku art style as he’s really keen on realism in his art. If you read a lot of Shounen or even a lot of Seinen Manga then come to this you’ll kind of notice that most of the characters he draws look like extremely spot on Asian people with a few over extravagances.

Excessive detail in the lips are one such case. And of course, they conveyed the look here in the animation. And it was something that I couldn’t stop staring at to be honest. As if Shion’s personality wasn’t annoying enough her weird ass fucken puckery ass lips kept staring me in the face. And since this is an anime that’s really in your face with the violence and sex you kind of have to have a strong stomach. Aside from the murder. There’s also shit like a yakuza that kidnaps, drugs and rapes women, as well as rapes the faces of men who piss him off. This is an anime that isn’t for the kiddies. Despite what a lot of dipshits out there like to say about anime being for kids I can tell you for a fact that this is something you wouldn’t want your fucken 10-year-old daughter watching. In fact if you know someone who give you crap about watching anime and thinks its for kids then I recommend that you show this to them to shut their asses up

As for studio hands this was duel-directed by Shuuhei Yabuta and Keiichi Satou. Both of whom have splendid track records. Shuuhei Yabuta was 3D director for the first seasons of Attack on Titan and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. And it really sucked that he couldn’t make a return for Shingeki Season Two. God knows it fucken needed it. And Keiichi Satou headed the CGI Gantz: O movie and Tiger & Bunny. You guys know Tiger and Bunny, right? The most studiedly over rated anime in history. I have absolutely zero fucken clue as to why it’s been ranked as the best anime ever by the Japanese. But…Pffft I’m fucken whiter then cottage cheese so what the fuck do I know right? Only the almighty yellow people can understand Tiger and Bunnies divine grace.

And while we’re on the topic of racism I’m sorry but as a fucken independent who’s ideals lean left I can’t go this review without pointing out how Oku-san and MAPPA playfully interjected a cameo of Donald Trump here. Voiced splendid by Bill Fleming.


And also in regards to the manga one of the best things MAPPA did here is almost directly copy and paste the manga from start to finish. If you like manga more than anime you can literally just skip the anime and read the manga and you’ll get pretty much the same story. Yes, there are a few minor differences like the manga going behind the scenes of how and why something happens where as in the anime it just fucken happens in order to save time. So, there are some details that the anime leaves out but their small unimportant scenes. But if you truly want the plot 100% how Oku-san wanted to convey it, then once again I say skip the anime and read the manga. But either way you really can just screw the anime and read the manga and get ninety-eight percent of the same plot. Or vice versa. The anime stays true enough to the source material to a degree that dose the manga justice. All the way up to its sad unfortunate but climatic ending. This is an adaptation that doesn’t spit in the face of the original author by taking bits and pieces out or ripping it apart at its leaser. This is a complete adaptation and I appreciate MAPPA for that.

In the end Inuyashiki: Last Hero is by far the best anime of the Fall 2017 season. The only real thing that’s holding it back is the idiocy and strange behavior of some of the characters and a few minor traits of the character designs. But other than that, holy shit is this something special.

The Final Verdict for Inuyashiki: Last Hero is a well-earned…8.7 out of 10. And gets the Science Fiction, Thriller and Blood and Gore Seals of Approval. An absolute must see regardless of the stupid character dynamics. I cannot recommend this to fans of Gantz or action anime’s enough. If you’re horny for freaken cybernetics and are all about the gore then this is something you cannot pass up on. But if you really have a hard time understanding characters sometimes or are extremely critical of things like character motives then a few of these characters are guaranteed to give you a fucken headache. But either way this is by far one of the best anime’s this season and it shouldn’t be passed up.

And with that I’m fucken done.


Sci-Fi Seal of Approval

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I’m not too proud of a man to admit that I’m a fan of moe. As long as it’s done right that is. Or at least in a way that’s intriguing. And as a person who also loves blood, gore and cussing, you can probably understand why I find some of the greatest anime out there to be ones that combine cute and adorable moe blob with blood, gore and morbid subject matter. I almost passed on anime’s like Gakkou Gurashi and Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku after just looking at the pictures and reading their summaries on Anichart. At a glance you would think that moe blob was the only thing that these titles relied heavily upon. But after a few episodes came out and people started talking (or I bit my lip and just gave them a chance) these ended up becoming some of my biggest favorites.

And one of my biggest regrets from a few seasons ago is not picking up summer 2017’s Made in Abyss. The second I saw the pictures and saw how fucken adorable it looked I immediately decided “yeah okay not my thing going to pass”. But it wasn’t until the season was almost over that someone actually showed me a gif of one of the characters from the anime bleeding horrifically and dyeing what looked to be a horrific death. Then my curiosity was peaked and I re-read the summery on AniList. And lol behold I found out that this shit was rated R-17 for violence and profanity. My dumb ass didn’t even bother to look at the fucken rating. This cute looking unassuming anime had blood and gore in it. I never would’ve accepted that unless someone showed me proof. And needless to say I’ll be reviewing this once the second season is done airing. Whenever it should come out.

And the fact that I passed on Made in Abyss at first yet went straight for the following anime is no doubt going to crease a few brows. Given especially to the fact that the following anime is in no way on par with Made in Abyss’s level of violence. There’s absolutely no child or loli maiming to be seen here. This anime is rated PG-13 and at a glance they looked almost identical in terms of the level of moe. But what is it that made me go for this instead of Abyss? Well…. the premise simply intrigued me.

Let me ask you a question. Dose the premise of children being left alone to fend for themselves in harsh circumstances  peak the caring soul in you? The anime’s themes as conveyed in its trailer is what filled me with such a feeling. The anime’s theme – while staring two moe blobby ass looking characters – was downright fucken morbid as its set in a post-apocalyptic world where everyone is pretty much dead and the two characters are left to fend for themselves in a cold winter environment with humanity pretty much on their last legs. And it’s the thought of these two adorable ass children who look like there fucken 12 being left out alone to fend for themselves that really got me intrigued. Children being alone to fend for themselves means you sympathize more with their situation and as a person who was left at home alone with a crack dealer for a brother a good portion of my childhood life the idea just resonated with me right form the get go. Sympathy creates memorable casts. And these two are by far one of the most memorable.

But even after watching the anime all the way though and finishing it I came to a realizes that it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I was expecting a little bit more drama as I was going off of the trailer which gave off a feeling of lonely hopelessness . And while those were core aspects to this they weren’t as ingrained into the plot as I would’ve hoped. But still none the less I found myself enjoying it. It is in fact a slice of life but its unlike most slice of life’s out there as the setting to which the characters act around is a dead lonely world where the subject matter is often bleak. But the thing is the two main characters are good at making the bleak fun. And it’s that factor that made it such a fucken delight to watch.

Fellow human filth. I’m The Angry Misanthropist Freak…and this is my review of…. Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou… or in English… Girls’ Last Tour. Let’s do this shit.

So, while this anime is nowhere near as dramatic as I would’ve hoped, it’s still a morbid set of circumstance these characters are in. Unlike most slice of life with their gitty ass happy go lucky settings often taking place in high schools or are centered around some form of hobby or interest the characters pursue. The premise here in Girls Last Tour is extremely sad and depressing. And that this anime’s major selling factor.

What we have here is the story of two young girl’s Yuuri and Chito who are god knows how young as they spend their days traversing a post-apocalyptic world completely destroyed by a world war. What that war was over and how shit got destroyed isn’t really gone into in detail. But the point of this anime is that these two-lonely ass little girls are left having to fend for themselves and are forced to rely on each other to survive. While I got the impression this anime tries to be light hearted a good portion of the time and tried to fool me into not making me feel  sad for their situation, it fails miserably by reminding you how innocent these two are. Especially Yuuri who’s the stupider and more childish of the two. Seriously she is damn stupid.

But the lonely and bleak undertones of this narrative is this anime’s bread and butter despite whatever happiness our two characters indulge in. These two girls really are all alone. The overarching narrative – if you can call it that – tells of their day to day lives cruising from place to place on their little Kettenkrad scavenging for rations and gas all the while discussing rather gloomy topics about war and what it means to be alive. And let me tell you, the things these fucken little girls talk about are indeed subjects that girls their age shouldn’t even have to worry about!

I mean when you listen to kids that I’m guessing are about fucken 10  talking about war and killing people and also understand to degree what it means it kind of speaks volumes about what these two are all about. There children! Plain and simple. But one question I did legitimately keep asking myself over and over again was just how old were they. This question was unfortunately never answered and it drove me nuts. That’s like the one answer I was severally looking for as I watched this. Depending on how old these girls are would have changed how I looked at this entire plot. Real talk. If they were around 10 to 12 – which I just came to assume they were – then that would be just fucken sad. I mean shit. Another question that I had that was merely glossed over in the anime was just why there alone to begin with. That question is answered but its answered ambiguously through just one little flashback in the first episode that really sets the bleak tone I’m talking about.

And if they were as old as I assumed they were then that’s what increases the felling of “sad victims of circumstance” factor I’m talking about. But if there the typical fucken 15 to 16-year age range then that kind of kills it because that’s pretty much just every other fucken protagonist in every other slice of life anime ever. High school age kids with at least some grasp on dark subject matter. The younger these two are, the more vulnerable they would feel. The more vulnerable they’d feel; the more engaged viewers would be. So, for the sake of my viewing pleasure I just assumed they were both fucken 10. And I know I’m probably dead wrong about that. I mean in the various bathing scenes there were – yes, this anime has those shut the fuck up and deal – we see that Yuuri has an actual pair of tits. Rather nice ones to be honest. If only there were some fucken nips or visible peach fuzz like my pedo ass hope for. But maybe the animators went the Kodomo no Jikan route and just made them unrealistically big for their age. I don’t know. But seriously no nipples on my loli’s is always grounds for disappointment. And of course, knowing how old they were would of course determine my level of depravity for making such sick ass comments.

I need to know whether I’m pedo-bearing or Hebe-bearing over my characters. Because Hebephiles are ones who are actually attracted to children into their mid teenage years like 14 to 16 whereas pedophiles are attracted to ages 13 and under. And its something that I needed to know but never got a solid answer to. I kept debating with myself on whether or not I should give this a Pedo-bear Seal of Approval after the first bath scene as to warn all of the sensitive ass people out there that naked bathing loli’s with no nips are in fact a part of this anime,

And again seriously. Yuuri’s fucken titties. What size are these? Are these B-cups. C-cups? I really don’t want to think these are D’s. And plus is Yuuri the eldest of the two here? I mean she’s clearly a few inches taller than Chito and has the bigger set. But again, that of course doesn’t go to say Yuuri’s the smart one. Nope. Far from it. She’s the dumbass comic relief clown that actually poses a lot of the situations and topics the two cover and pretty much the only thing on her mind is when there next meal is. Its established early on that she’s illiterate and hyperactive and is the only one to behave dimwittedly all the time. While Chito is pretty much the apathetic boss of the two who makes the majority of the decision making and is proven early on to be a bonafide bookworm. Going so far as to make a Dumbass Sandwich out of Yurri’s face when she absentmindedly burns one of her books. She’s the one who intelligently rations their food and equipment supply and is often the one seen taking the precautionary measures. Often telling Yuuri that she shouldn’t do dangerous shit and keeps her from wasting all of their stock. And she often ignores her.

There were times watching this that I honestly thought Chito would be better off if she just fucken stole Yuuri’s rifle while she’s asleep and just shot the fucken cunt. But the clear meshing of smart and stupid is of course what drives the comedy factor here. And I’m not going to lie. There are some pretty comedic moments that happen between these two.

And it isn’t to say that Chito has her fair share of flaws to. Aside from being a pussy in regards to heights she’s one of those apathetic kuudere types. Not on a Yuki Nagito level of course. She smiles a fair share throughout the series but she’s just not the happy go lucky type. And despite being literate she apparently is unfamiliar with the existence of alcoholic beverages. One of the more entertaining parts of the anime.

And regardless of Chito’s clearly superior intelligence. We see them in the beginning  trying to start a crashed plane standing dangerously on the propeller as if they could actually get it to fly and later in another episode there freezing and try to get hot water out of pipe by shooting it. Not worrying about ricocheting bullets. This is one of the moments I literally screamed at the screen “Why did your guardian send you two off like that!?”. There clearly still to young to grasp common sense things.

Thankfully though these moments are few and far between and they prove that there capable of looking after themselves and show clear intelligence and survival instincts throughout the course of there journey. Especially when they come across survivors. I fucken love how Yuuri practically kept her rifle pointed at the head of the first guy they came across even after Chito gave here the all clear to lower it. That shows a very stern caution when dealing with other people in a world of scarce resources and it made me wonder if Yuuri is really the idiot that she makes herself out to be. Maybe beneath her idiot exterior larks the brain of a trained killer.

And speaking of the occasional survivor whom they help out and eventually – for some stupid reason – part ways with at the end of the episode.  These characters further reinforce the notion that this anime is about trying to find fun in hopelessness. Chito and Yuuri often help out with these characters aspirations and goals. And these characters  work like dogs to achieve something. But in the end all of there hard work fails in the end leaving there hopes and dreams utterly destroyed. All culminating in this further staking morbid’ness that kind of pants this tale of standing tall in the face of absolute destitution.

Despite Yuuri and Chito’s deep seeded friendship – the typical kind of anime friendship that mirrors family instead of friends. But despite that there were some moments here  that seriously made me question the partnership of these two. Such as this one occurrence in the very first episode for example. And this is a slight spoiler but it’s something that I feel needs to be brought up and really, it’s something that I just couldn’t get over.

In the very first episode there’s a point where the two girls find some rations to split with each other. Grate! A bonding moment between friends, right? Wrong! That fucken bitch Yuuri jacks the last remaining ration and when Cito reaches out to protest. Guess what Yurri does….the bitch fucken points her rifle at her.

This shit threw me for a complete and total loop. She did it to make a point about Chito not wanting to carry a rifle. But still that shit was just uncalled for. And the stupidest thing about the entire thing was how quick it was  forgotten about after the fact. I thought that was going to be our first showing of some actual drama and distrust between the two. But no. Neither of them gets shot or dies. Instead Chito just slaps her up a bit and after which they just laugh it off like it’s just another day in the life of two BFF’s. But the bitch fucken pointed a god damn rifle at her friend!  The only person that she has to trust and needs in order to survive in this god damn apocalypse!

I mean if I was in that scenario shit would have gone a lot differently. If that was me that bitch sure has hell better have pulled the fucken trigger on me because the second she lets her guard down after doing something like that. The bitch is fucken done.  I don’t give a fuck how old the bitch is. At that point that little girl is getting raped, beaten to a pulp and all of her fucken supplies jacked. There aren’t any cops after Armageddon so at that point my dick is her judgment. You don’t lift a fucken ration out of your friend’s hands and then point a fucken gun at them. Okay. You just don’t. And I’m not going to lie… I fucken hated that. I really… fucken hated that. And of course it isn’t the first time Chito gets fed up with Yuuri’s idiocy. She often comically conk her on the head when she annoys her. No different than the character interactions between certain characters in other moe themed anime’s. But this moment was different.

And if anything, that just solidifies the notion that whatever type of trial comes their way this is still going to be a childish happy go lucky themed slice of life. This anime at its core is happy go lucky in a not so happy go lucky setting. It’s basically just a story about finding fun in lonely isolation and having only just one person in the entire freaken world to share it with. That’s Chito and Yurri’s chemistry as characters here and the concrete theme of the anime’s story. If you can call it that. And for those of you who’ve already seen the anime you probably might be thinking I’m over thinking it a bit and giving this anime’s setting to much thought. But I just kept getting this feeling of “wow this is some morbid sad shit these girls are going through.”. While I was disappointed in the long run that things didn’t get a little more openly dramatic I still felt compelled to watch these two because I wanted to see how these two children handled the lonely wilds of a desolate, cold wasteland and being the only ones left in pretty much the entire world.

But still it’s not always about morbid decisions on humanities short comings. Again this is a “slice of life”. And since slice of life’s are all about characters acting around a setting. A good bit of the anime is just these two screwing around in the wasteland. Each episode is split into halves each focusing on something that the two girls do or come into contact with. In one half there talking about some kind of philosophical topic and in the next there playing with a camera, cooking or taking a brake to chill in a makeshift house. And you can tell how much of a child friendly slice of life this is just by looking at the simplicity of the titles of each episode’s segment. One episode is literally called “house” and another “cooking” and follows them acting in regards to these situations. And let me tell you. There are some moments here that did legitamently make me want to consider pausing and looking away. I cringed  a little while watching the girls cook rations.

And before that there’s an episode where Chito has a dream – or more along the sense of a nightmare where Yuuri turns into a fish and tries to eat her. So Yeah, this anime is still very much more for the younger viewers in terms of character interactions. Regardless of whether or not one of them carries a gun. Either way though the lack of any real drama here is this anime’s one major disappointment. At least for me. Judging by the title “Girls Last Tour” You would think that would imply something like a bitter or abrupt end to their journey or something. I kept hoping that I would see some kind of tragedy unfold at some point. Like one of them would get seriously wounded and would have to care for the other at a certain point. Or dare I say have to actually kill someone in order to protect themselves. But for some reason in this apocalyptic world of there’s not a single dead skeleton lying around. Which is sort of explained away in the last episode but it’s done so vaguely.

Graves become a mentioned topic in the anime at a point but that’s about as far as it came to dealing with the dead.  But nothing really dramatic or exponentially daring for these two came around. There were a few moments of suspense but there over as quickly as they began. The setting is just all around interesting. It’s a much more serious atmosphere then your typical high school gitty school setting that we’re so used to in 90 percent of the school comedies we get. But that’s what gives this anime all that much more value.

I know there just kids and them getting shot at would be horrific and all but at the same time it would’ve made things all of the more compelling and would’ve made me more engaged. I know I can’t ask for every anime with kids to be violent but its anime’s where kids experience violence that are the most gripping.

I mean you kind of realize that this isn’t supposed to be that serious of an anime just by watching the creativity of the opening. This was one of the more entertaining openings this season. The opening them song “Moving, moving” sung by Chito and Yuuri’s voice actors while colorful art of the twos Kettenkrad and other patterns paint the screen while the two dances to the beat of the music. And I honestly really fucken hate myself for enjoying this song. I mean it’s just so damn catchy. Look at this shit!

Normally I’m the kind of guy who skips opening credits just to get to the anime beyond because most openings are all the same to me. But that’s not so much the case here. I loved this opening and it really gives off the feeling of fun in nothingness setting. And it all just joins together to make this weird emotionally moving journey these two take. But I’m going to admit. You might find this boring in a sense that if you want plot instead of just characters and what there to be a destination or an end goal that these two chases after then you’ll probably want to stay clear of this. I mean these two don’t even have a goal or a destination and the reasons as to why there all alone in the first place is merely glossed over. Whereas in Tsukumizu’s original manga it’s explained fully at a certain point. As per usual with these fucken manga adaptations the anime doesn’t cover the full manga and leaves off on Chapter 28. And I’ve been reading it and I can say for a certainty that the anime stopped at pretty lame moment. Yes, the anime’s ending had a big mystical flair to it and they left it on a moving and nostalgic note. But nothing was really accomplished. It’s a slice of life ending benefiting of an average slice of life. But once again for the five-millionth time: This is not an average slice of life. Not only did it end with nothing really accomplished but it ended at a place where things were actually starting to get pretty damn interesting in the manga. I don’t want to spoil to much but some pretty game changing shit happens in the manga passed the point the anime ends such as Chito getting injured and there Kettenkrad finally giving up the ghost after its been with them for so long.

And there’s also some pretty…umm…. debatable subject matter in the later chapters of the manga. Such as the girls finding some cigarettes and indulging themselves in them. Aaaand suddenly see ghosts.


Hey the name of the chapter is “tobacco” not “pot”. I’m being real. Maybe now that I think about it that’s probably why they ended it at the point that they did. Screw production costs and time slots on broadcast TV. They didn’t want to deal with any Japanese soccer moms get triggered after seeing two underage girls getting stoned. But either way, the point I’m trying to make here is that the anime left out some pretty interesting moments.

And is it just me or dose the manga artwork seem a little bit gloomier and horror derived. I don’t know. I got a more darker vibe from the manga then I did with the adaptation. Either way though I say if you like the anime watch it until the end because thankfully the manga follows the anime to a tee while at the same time adding in some of its own shit to make it something a little different and unique from the source material. For example, there’s a scene in the anime featuring a giant robot that almost falls on to them witch they later enter. So, there are some differences between the anime and the manga iterations. But everything that’s in the manga is to be found here in the anime. And vice versa. So, I can say for a certainty that you can watch the anime then skip to chapter 28 and continue on. Or you can just screw the anime all together and just read the manga entirely. But you’ll be missing out on some anime specific content if you do.

And I want to give a quick shout out to Tsukumizu who  animated the anime’s entire closing animation . By herself as far as I could see. And after seeing this I wondered why the bitch isn’t doing animation instead of manga because she’s obviously pretty fucken good at it.

Now! In terms of animation over all. The anime’s by White Fox studios with director Takaharu Ozaki’s directorial debut on something other than The Day Breakers Special for the Persona 5 Animation. And as far as quality goes. All things considered it’s beautiful. I want to first talk about the waste land these two traverses. I’m an extreme sucker for post-apocalyptic landscapes. And this anime of course has that in abundance. And I’m not going to lie. I loved most of it. But I kept asking myself just what time period dose this take place in as there are things here that scream far future – such as multiple levels of the city connected by giant towers like the city shown in the more recent Deus Ex games. Yet we see that there go to vehicle of choice is a 1940’s German Kettenkrad while at the same time Yuuri’s rifle is a Japanese Arisaka Type 38 rifle straight out of that same era. If anything, I can appreciate the merging of the two eras into a fun little setting but other times it confused the hell out of me. And there are some other things that I didn’t really get. Like buildings on sticks for example. The architecture of most of these buildings are kind of reminiscent of brutalism. A style that thrived from the 50s to the mid-1970s. And that just added to the ever mounting questions that I kept having. I think I read somewhere that the anime takes place somewhere around the year 3000. Which is just crazy and makes the notion of using old school WW2 era weaponry kind of stupid.

Now, in regards to the character designs I just can’t get over how utterly fucken moe blobby these two look. And this time that term is quite literal here. I mean their heads! Look at their fucken heads! There literally blobs with eyes that quite literally melt in hot water and there fucken adorable. No matter what situation these two are in in there adorable. If there having fun there adorable, if there annoying each other there adorable. If there hanging by a rope there adorable, if there attacking each other there adorable. If there meeting people there adorable. If there freezing to death there fucken adorable.

pic1  pic2 pic3  pic4

Well actually no that last one was actually kind of depressing. But the fact that these characters look the way they do makes them all of the more essential to making me feel invested should they ever have to undergo whatever hardships they go through. Whenever I got clear shots of their heads I couldn’t help but think of them as balloons on top of fucken humanoid bodies and I really couldn’t stop staring at them at times. What little bit of humanity I had in me loved their designs while the more dominate darker more hateful and antagonistic side of me wanted to stab them and watch as they deflate. I mean if you fucken ripped off Chito’s head and paint it pink or blue or some shit and shoved it right next to fucken Kirby you would literally have a perfect new character for his franchise. Bottom line. If you like moe or chibi’s you’ll love this shit just for the character designs. Nuff said.

And the music! My god the fucken music. The music’s handled by Kenichiro Suehiro and really, I’m not at all that familiar with his work because I haven’t seen Re:Zero.  yeah, I know. Your mission to discredit me based on never seeing one particular anime may commence now. But no in all honesty the music here’s is absolutely fucken phenomenal and it complements the themes splendidly. The theme that stood out the most was the angelic coir that was used whenever there were lengthy sequence of the girls just cruising along. And it’s one of the primary songs that stands out in my mind as its the very first song I was treated to as the opening credits role while the girls drive through a factory.

And then there’s the insert song “The Sound of Rain” placed in one of the episode where the girls take cover from the rain and use their helmets and a few cans to entertain themselves and is also played for the anime’s final closing credits that sends the two off in an all the more nostalgic sense.

And that song really is what caps the whole experience off with a sentimental bang. Girls Last Tour – all things said and down – is a unique as hell take on the slice of life genre that in my professional opinion was something we all needed. I know for a fact it’s not going to be to everyone’s likeing. Which sucks but what can you do. But if you’re a fan of cute slice of life and are growing a little bit tired of all of the school settings then I cannot recommend this to you enough. Yes, the girls look like something you would see on a fucken Japanese cereal box  but the theme of lonely young girls baring the uncertainty of a wasteland brought on by human stupidity is a great story and the amount of heartwarming moments are beautiful.

The story conveys a feeling of fun and content in a world destroyed and desolate and its philosophical undertones and bleak setting are why the final verdict for Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou – Girls’ Last Tour – is a well-earned. 9 out of 10 with a Comedy, Sci-fi and Moe Blob Seals of Approval. One of the best anime’s of the year despite a premature feeling ending and a few unanswered questions that I had, but those negatives are minor compared to the sheer feelings these two kids convey. Sure, it was a bit disappointingly mellow in the drama side of things and the anime’s ending demands a second season. But this just proves that you don’t need excessive blood shed or tears in order to have a grate moody themed slice of life to be enjoyable. And with that… I’m fucken done.

Comedy Seal of Approval

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Since there are only so many animes every season that I can cover I have a strict method to which I choose what to review. Mature rated anime(R-17) are the anime I have my eye on first and foremost. If its rated teens (PG-13) then its lower on my list of priorities. I also focus primarily on the big time studios (Madhouse, Trigger, bones etc.) If its a lesser known studio chances are it’s below my radar.  I WILL NOT take requests so shut the fuck up! Since I love challenging mainstream social acceptance one of the reasons I got into anime in the first place was because I love its sheer willingness to cover taboo subject matters that drive people of the western world crazy. Kodomo no Jikan and Boku no Piko are two of my long running favorites. So shows that cover twisted or disturbing subject matters go a long way with me.

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